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If It Ain’t Broke Yet, Why Fix It?

February 12, 2011

Well, if your mom just broke her hip and is now in the hospital… you probably have the answer to this question.

Osteoporosis, very simply is a “weakening of bone” or loss of bone mineral density (BMD).  Your want to preserve this is obvious… fracture prevention (because fractures are bad for your health).

Peak bone mass or BMD is reached at about the age of 21, give or take a few years.  From that point, women will consistently lose bone mass for the rest of their life.  It stands to reason that we would want to start with more, if we are destined to lose it. Right?

I think so. But, the standard of  care states that all women should have density testing after the age of 65, and others with risk factors such as (having a thin/small frame, cigarette smoker, family history of osteoporosis,  inactive lifestyle e.g.) should be tested as early as the age of 50.

Here’s my question.  Why wait?  Doesn’t this seem a little absurd? Does your want to preserve life conveniently start at the time Medicare coverage kicks in?


Here are some very simple steps

  1. Find out where you are (preferably before you’ve lost it all).
  2. Support bone density throughout your life with proper diet and nutrition, weight-bearing exercise, and activity (the non-drug approach).

Act now…  your hip will thank you later.

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